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Halo sobat , pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan sebuah film terbaru gratis. Disini sobat bisa download film yang saya bagikan ini secara gratis melalui link yang telah admin sediakan dibawah artikel ini. Nah seperti apakah keseruan film ini silahkan sobat lihat sinopsis dan trailernya dibawah ini.

  • Mininova Org Is Not More is no more! On April 4th, 2017 was shut down. Please check our funny video site

  • Mininova Wikipedia

    Mininova was a website offering BitTorrent downloads. Mininova was once one of the largest sites offering torrents of copyrighted material, but in November 2009, following legal action in the Dutch courts, the site operators deleted all torrent files uploaded by regular users including torrents that enabled users to download copyrighted material..

  • Mininova Org Torrentfreak is the most popular BitTorrent site. The site is ranked in the top 100 of all websites on the Internet according to statistics from Alexa. The first public version of Mininova went live in 2005 and was hosted at the DSL line of Niek van der Maas, one of the founders of the site. The name “Mininova” was inspired by SuprNo.

  • Mininova Alternatives 8 Legal Torrent Sites To Try

    In the following decade, Mininova settled its lawsuit but never regained its former glory. By January 2010, it had fallen from Alexa’s top .

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